What is this place?

We are information technology and telecommunication company registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan(SECP) and all of our trademarks are registered at Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan(IPO) and we are registered tax payer of Pakistan with registration of national taxation number(NTN) at Federal Board of Revenue(FBR). Our company is licensed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA). We love to play and experiment with new technologies to invent something out of the box, we enjoy better quality of services. How about you? If so, then you are in the right place. We are providing hybrid internet services, data services and email services to our customers. So it doesn't matter what time of the day, you can enjoy better services. If you are having any questions in your mind, We do have a vast knowledgebase answering most of the frequently asked questions and if your question is not answered then you have the ability to ask your questions live, and if you can't, then you can ask your questions by submitting a ticket to our information department. Our information department loves answering and providing information.
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Who We Are?

We are group of highly experienced professionals, having expertise in specific fields and who are passionate about their work. If you want to know more about our team and their expertise. Detailed profiles are available on profiles page


We are providing hybrid intranet, internet, multimedia hosting services along with data services and email services. Intranet, internet, multimedia hosting, data services are limited area services and basically available to our network users, whereas email services are available to every person with access to basic internet.
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What We Do?

We provide our customers value added services at cheap price. We are expanding our network coverage area to greater extent. So we will be exploring new equipments like dedicated servers, access points and new hardwares to keep our network at its best in performance and maintenance.
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Latest Project

this month of july we have introduced pre-paid and instant access system for our new customers, who are willing to check our services, they can now self register and get instant access for testing and after satisfaction they can apply for subscription. For subscribed customers we have introduced pre-paid recharge vouchers, so no more getting inline for activation and recharge to avoid all the hustle customers can buy recharge vouchers in pairs or bulk for later use.
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