1. INTRO >>>

    Inventors Technologies is information technology and telecommunication company registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan(SECP) and all of our trademarks are registered at Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan(IPO) and we are registered tax payer of Pakistan with registration of national taxation number(NTN) at Federal Board of Revenue(FBR). Our company is licensed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority(PTA). Inventors Technologies launched WiFi-related services like intranet, internet and file hosting along with multimedia hosting by the name of WiFi BazaaR and has been working in one of the city of Pakistan named as Rahim Yar Khan since 2011.
    WiFi BazaaR is wireless network first developed and maintained by one of our Networking Expert named as Muhammad Nabeel Aslam. WiFi BazaaR was first launched (Beta Testing Version) on 6th September 2011 with effective range of 2KM from broadcasting tower. WiFi BazaaR is providing internet services by hybrid technology to provide its users an uninterrupted internet services.


    Inventors Technologies was founded by Muhammad Nabeel Aslam.
    Muhammad Nabeel Aslam (Born on 5 December) is a Pakistani citizen, and nabeel is Director of Inventors Technologies. During his career at Inventors Technologies, Nabeel is at a position of CEO.


    The main objective of Inventors Technologies is to provide better services at cheap price by using latest hardwares and technologies. And to introduce, produce, design new and better ways for stable, reliable and high speed communication.
    Secondary objective of this project was to provide a friendly atmosphere and introduce new hardwares, softwares and complete solutions in the field of information technology and telecommunication.

  4. PRODUCTS>>>

  5. Recently we have introduced email services to our exisiting and new customers . Previously we are providing hybrid intranet, internet, multimedia hosting services and data services by the product name of WiFi BazaaR. WiFi BazaaR is offering different packages for different type of customers. for details contact service department by submitting a ticket

  6. TERMS>>>

    According to PTA (Pakistan telecom Authority) & SECP (Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan) terms and conditions are applied to all services and products offered by Inventors Technologies. And terms are also applicable according to the security and user policy of Inventors Technologies. Terms and Conditions are elaborated on Terms page.


    WiFi BazaaR is a trademark of Inventors Technologies and its logo and network are property of Inventors Technologies. All the graphics and contents available on this website is property of Inventors Technologies. All rights are reserved by Inventors Technologies and all logos trademarks are registered with Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO).


    Administration Department

    Officials are always busy working to provide better services and products, in both quality and price, administration department contains high officials and sincere persons. Its result of their dedication and hard work that we are running the first and best Wi-Fi network in our whole area. It’s just a beginning of our network soon or later we will provide our coverage to whole Pakistan and form one intranet. For your ease and quick assistance we have four different departments working under administration Department.
    1. Information Department
    2. Service Department
    3. Complaint Department
    4. Feedback Department

    Information Department

    Employees of information department are always ready to provide all type of information to our valued customers. Costumer's satisfaction is our basic aim. If you are having any doubt or any confusion and/or need any kind of information about our products, services and management feel free to submit a ticket.

    Service Department

    Service Department deals with activation and deactivation of the services provided by Inventors Technologies. Service Department handles all the requests, orders or applications regarding services. Subscribe Now.

    Complaint Department

    Officials and employees of Complaint Department are highly passionate for their jobs and provides quick assistance with ease to our customers. Complaint Department handles complaints submitted by users and provide them quick assistance for ease. Due to Coordination and mutual association between our complaint department and engineers we do not take time to resolve the complaints. Sometime it takes 1 or 2 working days to resolve, but mostly complaints are resolved in minutes or hours. If you are having problem in our services then please lodge your complaint by submitting a ticket to complaint department.

    Feedback Department

    Feedback is matter of life and death for any company's success. We care about our customers experience and we value their feedback. All comments and suggestions are welcomed and our feedback department will always appreciate your feedback whether it is about our services, products or employees. Please provide us your precious feedback by submitting a Ticket.

Message from Administration

  • Message of CEO & Director
Nothing is impossible, even the word impossible says
I M possible.
So basically when you are telling yourself that its impossible to do this or that thing, the thing is saying back to you I M possible.. Thanks for spending your precious time.
Feedback is matter of life and death for any company's success. Please provide us your precious feedback by submitting a Ticket.
Thanks Regards,
M. Nabeel Aslam CEO & Director.

Whats Coming Soon

  • Corporate Internet Package
Soon you will be able to share your internet connection with your friends or you can use your personnel internet connection on our network.
Our team is working on this project and you will be live soon on our network.

  • Storage Server Over Internet
Our file hosting service will be available in, Rahim Yar Khan upto August 05,2017. We are working on it and preparing for launch. We will be broadcasting as soon as possible.
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Latest Projects

  • Network Re-Launched in following Areas of Rahim Yar Khan City.
    1. Gulshan Iqbal
    2. Iqbal Nagar
    3. Gulshan Ravi
    4. 10 CHAK
    5. 11 CHAK
    6. Aziza Baad
    7. Sultan Pur
    8. Gulshan Usman
    9. Shahi Road
    10. Superior Collage Road
    11. Dari Sanghi
    12. Fazilat Town
    13. Church Road

  • INTRANET Launched.
We have launched a local hosting and live streaming of movies from our dedicated servers our dedicated servers have almost all latest seasons and more then 500 movies including Hollywood and Bollywood movies of all type of genres, action, drama, comedy, romance, thriller etc.