Welcome to Help Desk
Here are few instructions for new customers and visitors if you are not familiar with our help desk and how it works then read these few visitor friendly instruction.

For your ease and quick assistance we have 4 different departments working under administration department.
1. Information Department
2. Service Department
3. Complaint Department
4. Feedback Department

Information Department
Information Department handles all the information based related queries whether it is about our products, services or our team. All information related queries will be processed / handled by information department.

Service Department
As we don’t wanted to confuse our customers in-between sales and services so all the sales and services related queries will be processed / handled by service department.

Complaint Department
All complaints lodged by customers regarding our products or services and employees will be handled by complaint department.

Feedback Department
As feedback is matter of life and death of any company so we have dedicated a whole department for the purpose, customers’ feedback help us to improve our products and services.